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Ask A Surfer

POSTED July 16, 2012 BY ACUSA

My heart goes out to the family who suffered loss yesterday at Portballintrae.  I wish some of us had have been there to help.  (more…)


Whats new?

POSTED June 20, 2012 BY matthew


Well we’ve been lacking on the blog updates recently.. sorry about that!

Long story short, here’s what we’ve been up to! (more…)

connor bars

Night Session At Bridges Skatepark, Belfast.

POSTED April 20, 2012 BY matthew

On Tuesday night Connor and I took advantage of the dry weather and took a trip over to Bridges Skatepark in Belfast.



The Connor Worthington BMX Edit!

POSTED April 5, 2012 BY ACUSA

Antrim County Urban Sports Association Presents Acusa team ripper Connor Worthington’s first promo video of 2012!  (more…)

Millar tyre taps a child..

ACUSA visits Northern Irelands newest skatepark in Carrick!

POSTED April 4, 2012 BY matthew

A congratulations are in or I think to the guys over at Forté for the great park they campaigned for and finally achieved!