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Progress Reports


Good luck Jake!

POSTED June 27, 2012 BY ACUSA

The Acusa crew would like to extend some good vibes for one of our biggest supporters, Jake Brown, who is competing on the mega ramp at X-Games 2012 taking place this Friday.

The x-Games is being covered by ESPN, so if you’re lucky enough to have it, you’ll see Jake blasting some crazy big air this week! Go hard Jake!!

Unsung Heros

Unsung Heroes

POSTED April 20, 2012 BY Tim

I usually have no problem writing. I enjoy it. However, when writing about people I respect and admire, I feel as though no words of mine are adequate to express the way I feel about them, so I usually say a public ‘Thank You’ and leave it at that. For me it’s a very humbling experience. (more…)


The Council goes Public!


You may or may not have read some great news about out project over the past week, but incase you missed it, here is what the local papers had to say… (more…)

Beth & Ian

Just a quick pic…

POSTED April 4, 2012 BY ACUSA

Taken during a recent meeting with North Antrim MP Ian Paisley and MLA Beth Adger, both strong ACUSA supporters. (more…)


New Website!

POSTED April 2, 2012 BY ACUSA

Well, its finally happened! ACUSA have a brand new website for you all to enjoy!

logo (1)

Weapons of Mass Creation!


Weapons of Mass Creation! Whether you skate, bmx or blade, chances are you’ll have heard of the living legend that is Mike Vallely! We’ll, at AcusA we’re big fans of Mike – and we think everyone should check out his skate brand, Elephant Brand Skateboards! (more…)



POSTED March 31, 2012 BY ACUSA

“Laced is more than a brand… its a lifestyle. LTFU!” AcusA would like to give a massive shout out for the dudes over at LACED Clothing! Laced make some seriously awesome clothing and also sponsor some of the sickest skaters around (Jake Brown, Multiple X-Games Gold medalist anyone?).