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About Us

Acusa LogoOur Mission

Acusa, or the Antrim County Urban Sports Association, is a non-profit organisation with the aim of gaining a permanent indoor freesports facility catering to Skateboarders, BMX Riders, Inline Skaters and more, in the Ballymena area of Northern Ireland.
We also actively promote alternative sports within the local community, striving to educate local councils on the health, social and economic benefits of extreme sports facilities.


ACUSA, or the Antrim County Urban Sports Association, is a fully constituted organisation that was started on the 2nd Feburary 2006 with one goal in mind: The provision of a permanent indoor urban sports facility (also know as a skatepark) in Ballymena. The first step was to get as many signatures on a petition as possible and present it to the council. The petition gathered 1,830 names in support of the project, and was presented to the Mayor of Ballymena (Cllr Tommy Nicholl at the time) on the 11th May 2006 at 7.40pm. We Got noticed.

Since then our operations have gone much more underground, but we are still working very hard towards our goal, and although we cannot divulge to much information we are quietly confident. At the time of writing we have 248 members and more eager extreme sports athletes are joining all the time. We have also distrubited 4000 questionnaires around the schools in Ballymena and are currently working with an independant consulting firm and Ballymena Council towards the next steps and have recently offically become a Ltd. Company!

For more information please see the Long Walk below…

The Long Walk

To read a detailed history of Acusa please click here. The Long Walk was first published in Freeflow magazine in 2007.

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The Committe

The committe are the members of ACUSA who are responsible for the day to day running of the organisation, as well as organising competitions and events. If you would like more information on the committe members , who they are and what they do, then please here.